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Health, safety and environment policy of Mosam Engineering

Whilst our approach to health, safety and the environment (HS&E) is first and foremost shaped by the desire to avoid harm to people and the environment, we also recognize that good HS&E performance is synonymous with good business performance. Moreover, environmental issues, in particular climate change, have become much more prominent and demand even greater attention.
This document describes the management arrangements and responsibilities for delivering our commitments, aims and beliefs on HS&E,

including Occupational Health (OH), which is set out in the Company HS&E policy statement.
HS&E is a line management responsibility and it is essential that the contents of this publication are understood and followed by directors and
managers at all levels. In addition, all employees need to be made aware of and discharge their individual responsibilities. The Company HS&E policy, management system and accompanying international standards apply to all businesses where Mosam Engineering is a majority shareholder. Compliance with the HS& E (including OH) policy, system and standards is mandatory and subject to periodic audit.
In Joint Ventures (JVs), where the Mosam Engineering share holding is 50 per cent or less, Company staff appointed.
We also expect our suppliers to make proper provision for the health, safety and welfare of its people, visitors, customers and those in the community who may be affected by their activities. By effectively implementing the policy and management arrangements we can collectively move towards our vision of being known for the exCelllence of our health, safety & environmental performance.
Occupational Health (OH), equal priority with all other business issues. Implementation will be through line management who will involve employees in the achievement of the Company’s objectives.
All employees are expected to accept their responsibility to work safely, adhering to safety rules and work procedures, using safety equipment provided, and generally to contribute to the maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace. They also have a duty to be environmentally responsible and to have regard for environmental controls.

The Company is committed to effective communication and consultation on HS&E matters with all relevant parties and will report internally and publicly on its HS&E performance on a regular basis. It will provide appropriate health, safety and environment training to employees to enable them to meet the required standards of performance.
Whilst we are each responsible for health, safety and the environment, we do much better when we work as a team. Promoting the welfare of both our people and the community and protecting the
Environment matters to us all.

Saeed Awan
Chief Executive