Welcome to Mosam Engineering CEO Message


We are transferring all of our technologies related to installation and after-service works to engineers of our local exclusive agents so that they can keep providing best quality service of our elevator systems to satisfy our clients in the local market. In details, before entering of each market, we will complete all of related technical training of installation and after-service with our local engineers of each agent at in-house and on the job sites.

"Computer control and self-diagnosis system minimize the failure rate”
The distributed control system by 32BIT MICOM enhances reliability, while prompt analysis of failure cause by the self-diagnosis system and application of the remote control system by data communications maximize service quality.
(Remote control system is an optional item.)
"Passengers can be provided only not with entertainments like news,
Moving pictures by an LCD monitor, but also with protection of their property and safety by a surveillance camera"
Features of “I” ELEVATOR.

1. Reliable Traction Machine with Geared and Gearless (PM MOTOR)
2. Control Panel applied with State-of-Art IT Technologies
Decentralized and 32bits Micom system
Compact design and minimized size
Embedded technologies; Touch Panel, LCD, DSC and etc.
Easy & fast analyzing of error code with IMO (Installation and Maintenance Operator)
3. CRT Monitoring System
4. Wireless LCD System