Welcome to Mosam Engineering CEO Message

  • Wall Mounted

    The all new Wall Mounted series comes with Nano-shield, Plasma O2 and Ionizer technology.
    Capacity : 1.0 Ton ~ 2.5 Ton

  • Inverter System

    State-of-the-art INVERTER-Multi air conditioner controls room temperature precisely at a consistent level,
    giving you absolute comfort and savings on electrical bill.
    Capacity : 0.5 Ton ~ 3.2 Ton

  • Multi Split Systems

    Comprehensive range of Multi Split Systems effectively assist you in space utilisation.
    Capacity : 1.6 Ton ~ 3.2 Ton

  • Floor Standing Free Blow

    Floor Standing Free Blow keeps installation simple as no ductwork is required for this Floor Standing System.
    Capacity : 4.2 Ton ~ 12.5 Ton