Welcome to Mosam Engineering CEO Message

  • Ceiling Cassette

    Ceiling Cassette comes with 4-way air discharge and air swing function to ensure better air distribution and circulation in the room.
    Capacity : 0.8 Ton ~ 4.2 Ton

  • Ceiling Concealed

    Ceiling Concealed is designed to be installed above the ceiling with only supply and return grille exposed to view, making it an evergreen design while secretly providing you the perfect cooling comfort.
    Capacity : 0.8 Ton ~ 5.0 Ton

  • Ceiling Mounted

    Ceiling Exposed is uniquely designed with the option to install either below the ceiling or mounted on the floor to suit any interior design requirement.
    Capacity : 0.8 Ton ~ 5.1 Ton

  • Air Handling Unit

    Air Handling Unit is completely customized to requirements with its flexible modular paneling concept design.
    Capacity : CMH 1190 ~ 70500