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  • Air Cooled Chillers

    air-cooled chillers with a variety of compressor types, to match both your application and budget.
    Capacity :10 tons (35 kW) ~ 500 tons (1580 kW).

  • Air-Cooled Mini Chiller

    Air-Cooled Mini Chiller - cost-effective cooling solution for commercial needs.
    Capacity : 1.5 Ton ~ 11.5 Ton

  • Air-Cooled Rooftop Packaged

    Air-Cooled Rooftop Packaged is equipped with horizontal side throw and vertical down throw which allow for maximum flexibility in installation.
    Capacity : 0.7 Ton ~ 1.7 Ton

  • Hydro Aire 2-in-1 Air Conditioner and Hot Water System

    The HydroAire system is a 2-in-1 air conditioner and centralised hotwater system. It generates cool air and at the same time produces hot water with the energy consumption of a conventional air conditioning unit.